2019 Zhenghui Lighting Elite Expansion Activities

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This is our team!Rain or shine!

This is our teammate!Win-win cooperation!

This is our spirit!Never give up!

This is our family!Warm and warm!


On May 25th, in line with the purpose of enhancing the unity and cohesion among employees, Zhenghui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. held an outdoor expansion event at Huanshan Farm.

During the event, no one flinched, and no one retreated because of the arduous task. Everyone was full of positive energy, enough to show the strength of Zhenghui people.

 Through this different expansion, the spirit of mutual cooperation and common advancement and retreat among colleagues has been qualitatively improved.Watching is not the life you want, the world needs you to be on the stage.Yes, as long as you work hard, no matter what the result is, you will find that life can be so beautiful.


Ice-breaking smelting

The team with distinctive personality and full of strength kicked off the prelude to expansion.



High-altitude grab bar

What seems to be impossible for you on the surface is actually not as difficult as you think.

In the face of difficulties, we must face them bravely. All difficulties are paper tigers.


Rapid 60 seconds

Without a perfect individual, human potential is endless.

The collective power is infinite, and everyone is constantly shining in the team.



Graduation wall

At this moment, this project has completely screwed our team together, regardless of the same.



Just to help brothers and sisters climb over the high wall one by one, just for the common goal and commitment in the hearts of all of us.


Rope strength


The tacit understanding and cohesion of the team are very important, and they must trust each other.

Any successful action is inseparable from the collective collaboration and support of the team behind it.


Share experience


1. Loyalty-think about issues from the company's standpoint, faithfully protect the company's interests, and stand the test in the face of temptation.

2. Dedication-the purpose of work is not only remuneration, but to provide services that exceed remuneration, and to be willing to make personal sacrifices for work.

3. Take the initiative spontaneously-don't wait for others to explain everything, from “I want to do it” to “I want to do it”, take the initiative to do something “extraordinary”, do it first and then say it.High requirements: ask for one step, sit to three steps

4. Responsibility-The core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility and doing every little thing well.A promise of a thousand gold, there is absolutely no excuse, let the ball of the problem stop at you, and don't make a big mistake due to a little negligence.

5. Pay attention to efficiency-no distractions, concentration, and daily work. Procrastination is the most vicious career killer; pay attention to the main and secondary to prevent perfectionism from becoming the enemy of efficiency.

6. Result-oriented-at the beginning, you have to think about how to get things done. There are always more ways than problems. Create conditions to complete the task. Get things right the first time and complete the task beyond expectations.

7. Good at communication-speak in person and solve it on the spot. Communication and gossip are two different things. It is a mistake not to say or talk too much. Take a plan to ask questions and cultivate the emotional intelligence to accept criticism.

8. Cooperation-the team advances, the self retreats, the individual integrates into the sea, the individual integrates into the team, obeys the overall arrangement, and abides by discipline to ensure combat effectiveness; the “shortcomings” of the improper team are mostly considered by others, so that the ability is magnified in the team.

9. Be proactive-always keep up with the pace of the enterprise, learn with an empty cup mentality, learn from it, squeeze time to recharge, develop your own “comparative advantages”, and challenge yourself.

10. Gratitude-think about who made you who you are today?The company gives you a job, work gives you the opportunity to learn and grow, colleagues give you cooperation, customers help you create performance, opponents let you see the distance, and critics make you perfect.



Bonfire party

The bonfire party kicked off with the chairman lighting the torch.

We hold hands hand in hand, heart to heart, and the friendship of colleagues blooms brilliantly.