Happy Birthday, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd.~

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On May 21st, on this special sunny day, Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. ushered in the birthday of Chairman Zhu Changchun. All the partners of the company carefully planned and prepared the birthday party-from dreamy decorations, warm balloons, delicious cakes, etc., full of romantic atmosphere everywhere.

Zhu Gongzi's message to the chairman

Dear Zhenghui partners, thank you all for coming to celebrate my father's (54th) birthday. On this festive day, I would like to thank my father for his hard work for our brothers and sisters. Without my father's hard work, there would be no carefree childhood. Without my father's kind teaching, there would be no optimistic and studious teenagers. Without my father's hands-on influence, there would be no positive adulthood for me. My father is the guide of our lives.He guides us to do things and do them carefully.There are also many brothers and sisters who have grown up with the company. I hope that we will all be grateful and be together for Zhenghui, for our families, and for ourselves.

Finally, all of them raised a glass to pay tribute to President Zhu.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you......"Accompanied by the birthday song, the lights went out and the candles were lit. Mr. Zhu, the birthday star, wore a birthday hat, put his hands together, and silently made his wish.In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the partners shared the birthday joy that the birthday star brought to everyone, and felt the warmth of home.

With bright smiling faces and sincere wishes, everyone on the scene was smiling and happy.The happy birthday party brought everyone full of emotion!

Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting is a big family. In such a warm environment, partners are contributing their own strength to the company's bright future and working hard for their own bright tomorrow.In the future, we will be in the same boat, work hard to grow together, and witness the best of us together!