Service concept

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Service concept: Make the service better and faster!

The company has established 11 industries such as railways, oil fields, petrochemical, public security and fire protection, military products, grid electricity, coal, power plants, metallurgy, large enterprises, and ships throughout the country.

Business units, more than 140 professional service centers, and nearly 1,000 professional service departments.Service outlets are all over the country, and the service network covers the production and business premises of target customers.

Through dedicated fixed-point service and the "24h emergency linkage mechanism", it ensures that after the customer submits the demand, service personnel at all levels can respond quickly and arrive at the customer's work site in time.

Rest assured

1. The company is audited and certified by the Norwegian Classification Society (DNV) in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 international quality system and the ISO14001 environmental management system.;

2. Portable and mobile products: three-and-a-half-year warranty, half-year warranty for bulbs (one-year warranty for LED light sources), fixed products: LED light sources: the daily use time is less than 12 hours, the warranty period of light sources and lamps is 6 years; the daily use time is greater than 12 hours, the warranty period of light sources and lamps is 3.5 years, and other light sources: the warranty period of light sources is 1 year, and the warranty period of other (except light sources) components of lamps and lanterns is 7 years.;

3. High-quality professional management team and technical support team, set up more than 140 professional service centers and nearly 1,000 professional service departments in major cities across the country;

4. Ensure that after the customer submits the demand, the service personnel will implement on-site service within 24 hours, and the special circumstances will not exceed 72 hours.


1. Set up 10 highly specialized business units according to the characteristics of the industry to provide specialized lighting system solutions for segmented customers in the target market.;

2. Provide customers with professional training in product knowledge, use and maintenance;

3. Provide technical and product support as soon as possible for emergencies, major event guarantees, etc.;

4. Conduct corporate cultural exchanges, technical exchanges, and TQM exchange activities such as 5S and QC with customer units.


The company uses computer, wireless communication, big data processing technology, energy-saving electrical control and other technologies to form a control system to realize intelligent control of lighting equipment, automatic adjustment of illuminance, soft start, timing control, scene setting, energy consumption management, and remote control functions.

1. High-efficiency LED lamps and lanterns and on-demand lighting, saving electricity costs and maintenance costs;

2. Remote centralized control, timing control, induction control, one-key scene control, grouping control, dimming control and remote control of infrared equipment to help enterprises achieve intelligent and accurate management;

3. Line overcurrent and overvoltage alarms, lamps and lanterns damage and failure alarms, accurate positioning, remind maintenance personnel to repair in time, and ensure the safety of equipment electricity consumption;

4. Workplace environmental monitoring (including temperature and humidity detection, illuminance detection, and moving target detection, etc.) to ensure a comfortable working environment at the work site;

5. It can be linked with third-party external sensors (including flooding, door magnetism, monitoring equipment, PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases, etc.), and the system is seamlessly integrated, which is simple and convenient.