LED portable mobile light

  • Product Model:FD8120CT

Application Area


FD8120CT Product Features

Safe and reliable

The protection level is IP65, and the structure is designed with a light metal steel frame, which has strong drop resistance.The protection level is as high as IP65 and can be used in a variety of outdoor harsh environments.

Professional light distribution

The lighting brightness of the lamps and lanterns can be arbitrarily selected, the concentrating design, the brightness is high, and the illumination distance is long.Equipped with a floodlight film, ultra-uniform flood lighting can be achieved.

Smart battery

It adopts high-energy non-memory lithium batteries, which are durable and have a long battery life.The intuitive battery power display allows you to understand the remaining power at any time without any operation, which is convenient for the charge and discharge maintenance of lamps and lanterns.Real-time display of the ambient temperature in use, and the time and date display have been added.More convenient and flexible!

Product Parameters

Rated voltage14.8V
Rated capacity10Ah
Light sourceLED
Light source power27W
Continuous lighting timeStrongest 8h weakest 40h
Charging time≥9h
Battery life>1000/cycle
Ring dimensions (length X width X height)250X280X900mm/1600 (extension) mm
Shell protection levelIP65