Fixed LED lamps

  • Product Model:NLC9208 ​

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NLC9208 ​ Product Features

The selection of internationally renowned brand LED light sources has good light efficiency, high color rendering and long service life.The light source is equipped with optical reflective materials, and the illumination is uniform.

Scientific light distribution design, suitable for a wide range of flood lighting.The drive circuit adopts rubber-sealed design, which has good moisture-proof effect, ensures stable and reliable product performance, excellent heat dissipation structure design, and improves the light efficiency and life of the light source.

The shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy or steel plate, with high strength, high-voltage electrostatic spraying on the surface, and corrosion resistance.The integrated type is adopted to facilitate on-site installation and maintenance, and simplifies on-site wiring.

The unique heat dissipation and ventilation method improves the service life of the components in the electrical box.

The scientific sealing structure design, the characteristic sealing strip and the embedding method have good waterproof and dustproof properties and can be used in harsh environments.

The lamps and lanterns are light in weight and can be installed in various ways such as ceiling type and wall-mounted type.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V
Light source typeLED
Rated power36W, 48W, 80W
Luminous flux3690Lm, 5280Lm, 8800Lm
Average service life100000h
Outlet specificationsΦ6~8mm
Anticorrosive gradeWF2