LED ultra-thin downlight

  • Product Model:NXW2301

Application Area


NXW2301 Product Features

Safe and reliable

The product adopts high-quality aluminum alloy heat dissipation structure design to maximize the heat dissipation area;

Dustproof and leakage-proof

The lamp body is made of high-quality aviation aluminum stretched and formed, anodized, and the surface is all aluminum brushed profile panel, which is beautiful and fashionable.

Not easy to fade, not easy to oxidize, long-lasting and stable.

Light efficiency and energy saving

The use of high-quality, low-light-failure, low-power-consumption, high-efficiency LED light source, power-saving and environmentally friendly, significant energy-saving, long light source life, up to more than 20,000 hours, without frequent replacement of bulbs.Impact resistance, anti-vibration, long-distance, large angle, no dark area.The PMMA light guide plate and PMMA diffusion plate are customized with PET reflective film, and the light guide coefficient is as high as 90% or more.The light transmittance is as high as 90%, the colors are rich, the color rendering is high, and the natural light is truly restored.

Embedded installation

For embedded installation, just open a suitable mounting hole in the ceiling.Adjust the lamps and lanterns.Center the lamps and lanterns to ensure that the surface ring of the lamps and lanterns completely covers the ceiling openings.Truly achieve seamless installation, more beautiful and exquisite!

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V  
Rated powerLED4W/8W/11W/15W/20W