Solid state lighting

  • Product Model:GD2210-L15W/36W

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GD2210-L15W/36W Product Features

The use of high-power LED light source, high light efficiency and long life; high-quality power supply, high conversion efficiency, stable performance, constant current drive, wide voltage operation.The whole lamp has a reasonable structure, stable and durable, and a modular design to reduce late maintenance costs.

The outer frame is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, the surface is anodized, the light guide plate is made of imported materials, anti-glare, and the professional light distribution design makes the light efficiency of the lamps and lanterns higher.

Scientific sealing structure design, special sealing strips and embedding methods, have good waterproof and dustproof properties, and can be used in harsh environments.

Ultra-thin design, beautiful and generous; wide luminous surface, softer and more uniform than traditional fluorescent lighting lamps.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V  50Hz
Rated powerLED15W/36W
Luminous flux1650Lm/3960Lm
Power factor≥0.92
Anticorrosive gradeWF2
Protection levelIP65