Portable explosion-proof searchlight

  • Product Model:BXT2691

Application Area


BXT2691 Product Features

Explosion-proof function

The explosion-proof level is the highest level and can be used in flammable and explosive places in zone 0-2.

LED light source

The lamps and lanterns use the latest high-power LED lamp beads from Cree in the United States, a single 12W, the light efficiency can reach 120Lm/W, energy saving and environmental protection, and the LED aluminum substrate adopts the highest thermal conductivity of 3.0 to ensure that the lamps and lanterns dissipate heat and have a long service life.

Structural features

The lamps and lanterns are made of aviation aluminum alloy CNC machining as a whole, and the outer surface is military-grade hard oxidation, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.The overall waterproof structure is carefully treated, and the sealing ring is made of imported silicone rubber, which is resistant to various harsh environments, high and low temperature, to ensure long-term sealing effectiveness, and the protection level can reach IP68 (2 meters).

Advantages and characteristics

It adopts hoop-type handle design, which is durable, and the red warning light on the tail cover adopts high-brightness 2835 lamp beads, which can warn the rear and protect personal safety. The internal structure is optimized in many places, and the product quality is more stable and reliable.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage(DC)22.2V
Rated capacity2500mAh
Light sourceLED
Continuous lighting time:Strong light ≥6h working light ≥10h
Luminous flux1440Lm
Charging time≤2h
Battery life1000/cycle
Shell protection levelIP68(2m)