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BNW6019 Multifunctional Magnetic Work Light

Railway, electric power, public security, fire-fighting steel, oilfields and other petrochemical enterprises.
a.      China national explosive-proof certificate;
b.      Can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.
Environment-friendly & Energy-saving:
LED light, low energy cost, high efficacy, soft light & no glare.
Rechargeable Battery:
a.      Polymer lithium-ion battery, high intensity, long life, no memory, safe and reliable properties;
b.      Rechargeable at any time;
c.       There remains no less than 95% of the full capacity after 6 months without being used and 80% after 2 years once fully charged.
Intelligent protection:
a.      Intelligent LED drive circuit; more secure and reliable.
b.      Inner battery protection board, overcharge& over-discharge resistant function, short circuit protection device.
c.       Special lithium management chip in the charger; overcharge, short circuit protection & charging display system.
Easy to use:
a.      Long lighting time: more than 15 hours without any dissipation.
b.      Lamp head: adjustable within 135 °to 180°; Free of lighting blind corner.
c.       Easy to use by being attached with magnet.
d.      Excellent waterproof structure design; cam work in the rain & possess strong penetrating capacity of mist.
Technical parameters
1.Rated voltage    3.7V
2.Rated capacity   4.2Ah
3.Light source(LED) power   1W
                 Luminous flux 70Lm
                Average service life 100000h
4.Continous lighting time >15h
5.Luminance(11hours later) 2500Lx
6.Charging time     >8h
7.Battery service life   recyclable about1500 times
8.Dimension        220*105*88mm
9.Weight          0.4kg


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