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NFC9130-W Anti-glare Induction Floodlight

Railway, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, and various types of factories, workplaces, stations, squares, large facilities and stadiums.
Glare-free: no glare, no shadow, avoiding effectively the discomfort & fatigue of the workmen.
Energy-saving: HID light source; average service life is more than 15000 hours.
Shock-proof: Multiple shock-proof structure and integration design; work safely for a long term under conditions of high-strength high-frequency vibrations.
Applicable environment: anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature; can work wet-proof in atrocious atmosphere for long period.
Mounting Mode: sitting, ceiling and hanging mount, etc.
Technical parameters:
1. Patent No.:200530045764.4
2. Shell protection grade:IP65
3. Insulation grade: Grade 1
4. Corrosion-proof grade:WF2
5. Distance and height ratio: 2
6. Voltage/Hz:AC220V-50Hz
9. Cable outer dia. :φ8-φ10mm
10. Dimension:   φ266×240×360mm
11. Weight: Lamp:     5.7Kg                  
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