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CNT9510 Induction Ceiling Light

Railway, electric power, public security, oil, petrochemical, metallurgy, military, industrial and mining enterprises.
a.      Induction light, life cycle up to 8000h;
b.      High luminous efficiency, energy-saving, environment-friendly, no flicker, no glare with instantaneous hot start and good color rendering properties.
Strong shock-proof performance:
a.      Can work in various high-frequency & high-shock environments for a long time;
b.      High & low temperature resistant, waterproof, high-humidity-proof;
c.       Shell protection grade: IP65; corrosion-proof grade: WF2; never corrode or rust.
Easy to use:
a.      Soft & uniform illumination, especially suitable for various high-ceiling places;
b.      Pendent mounting and ceiling mounting according to on-site needs.
Technical parameters:
1. Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
2. Shell protection grade: IP65
3. Insulation grade: Grade 1
4. Cable outer dia.:φ8-φ12mm
5. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
6. Inlet Screw thread: G3/4
7. Distance and height ratio: 2.9
8. Dimension:427×750mm
9. Weight: 5.5Kg
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