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BYE6120 Explosion proof Emergency Floodlight

 To meet the demand of working field and other direction, such as petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, gas etc, we company exploit and produce BYC6120 Indoor Explosion-proof Floodlight.
Good Adaptability: Anti-water, anti-crash and corrosion, standard explosion-proof, alloy metal, stalinite, high hardness, can work in any environment. 
Mounting Mode: Wall mount, Ceiling mount, seat mount, easy to operate.
 Luminous Efficiency: High luminance, average life 20000h, low energy consumption, good heat dissipation.

Technical Parameters:
Explosion-proof Code: Ex dⅡBT4/T6 Gb
Rated Voltage: AC220V/50HZ
IP Degree:IP65
Insulation Degree:Ⅰ
Anti- Corrosion Degree: WF2
Screw Thread: G3/4”
Cable Dimension: φ8~12mm
Luminaire Dimension: 370*260*166mm (Luminaire)
                  365*260*115mm (Ballast)
Weight: 4kg (Luminaire)
       6kg (Ballast) 
Number Type Rated Power(W) Luminous Flux(Lm) Average Life(h)
BFC6120-J35 Metal Halogen 35 2600 20000
BFC6120-J70 Metal Halogen 70 5600 20000
BFC6120-J100 Metal Halogen 100 9000 20000
BFC6120-J150 Metal Halogen 150 11500 20000
BFC6120-N70 High Pressure Sodium Light 70 6000 28500
BFC6100-N150 High Pressure Sodium Light 150 16000 28500
BFC6120-W40 Electrodeless Lamp 40 2800 50000
BFC6120-Y24 Energy-saving Lamp 24 1800 8000
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