Glare searchlight

  • Product Model:CH-568-L

Application Area

Combining the needs of outdoor mobile lighting such as railways, electricity, public security, oil fields, mines, etc., the company has developed and produced the CH-568-L type glare searchlight, which has been identified by the Safety and Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security, and can provide mobile lighting for various work sites that require high-brightness lighting.


CH-568-L Product Features

Structural features

The shell is made of imported bulletproof rubber material, which is impact-resistant, drop-resistant, wear-resistant, lightweight and easy to carry.

High efficiency and energy saving

The light source adopts Cree LED imported from the United States, which has high brightness, long life, low thermal resistance, and low power consumption (only 20% of incandescent lamps), eliminating the trouble of frequent charging and meeting the needs of long-term work.

Light distribution design

The optically optimized light distribution design makes the irradiation distance longer, the light utilization rate is high, and the concentrating effect is good.

Battery pack

The battery adopts a special ultra-capacity lithium battery pack, which has no memory, long cycle life, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Smart protection

The microcomputer chip protects the battery from overcharge and over discharge, effectively extending the battery life.

Voice prompt

When the battery is low, the computer voice prompts to charge, and the user-friendly design.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage (DC)


Rated capacity


Light source LED power

Strong light/9W, working light/5W

Average service life


Continuous lighting time

Strong light/≥16h, working light/≥30h

Charging time

Around 8h

Battery life

2000 times/cycle

Dimensions (outer diameter X length)