Multifunctional mobile lifting work light

  • Product Model:SFD3000D

Application Area

Railway, electric power, public security, emergency repair of accidents, handling of abnormal situations, outdoor mobile night emergency lighting and other work sites to provide mobile lighting.


SFD3000D Product Features

Using the world's top brand LED light source, it has high luminous efficiency, a service life of up to 100,000 hours, ultra-low power consumption, strong light can work continuously for more than 8 hours, and the working light reaches 16 hours, which fully meets the needs of various types of operating lighting time.The unique lamp holder structure design can be used as long-distance lighting with concentrated light, and can also be easily converted into flood light for large-area construction lighting.

Safety and humanized design lighting, yellow and red (blue) warning lights (optional) are provided on the back of the lamp holder, which can effectively warn vehicles coming and going at the site of use and maintain the safety of on-site operators.

High-energy non-memory lithium-ion batteries can be charged and discharged at any time, which are green and environmentally friendly, with large capacity, high safety performance and long life.The lamp holder is fixed with two lifting rods, which can be adjusted arbitrarily within the height range of 1.20-2.25 meters, and the irradiation direction can be adjusted arbitrarily. The lifting rod and the battery box are integrated structures, which are convenient and flexible to use.

The fully sealed process design can be used normally in heavy rain environments, and the special aluminum alloy shell can withstand strong collisions and shocks.

The lamp is equipped with a 5V1A USB output port, which can be used for charging other mobile devices.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Operating voltage


Rated power of LED bulb


Luminous flux


Average service life


Continuous discharge time of concentrated flood light

Strong light 8h, working light 16h

Poly/flood light continuous discharge time

Concentrated light 16h, flood light 12h

Charging time

5h after normal use, ≤6h when the battery is exhausted

Battery life cycle



Length 1200mm, width 150mm

Highest rise


Shrinkage height




Power supply interface method

Set up the MAINS interface

Protection level