All-round remote control car search light

  • Product Model:CHT3168-L80

Application Area

It is suitable for all kinds of engineering lighting vehicles, patrol vehicles, and emergency rescue vehicles to be used as on-board emergency searchlights to meet the needs of all-round, multi-angle, long-distance inspection, tracking, search, rescue and emergency repair operations, high-altitude construction and other lighting. It is also suitable for fixed rotating searchlights in prisons, well sites and other places to supplement monitoring lighting.


CHT3168-L80 Product Features

The wireless remote control can be moved within a range of 50 meters to control the on and off of the lighting/warning lights and adjust the irradiation angle of the lamps and lanterns. Wired control can also be equipped to achieve dual control; the remote control has an advanced learning code function, which can automatically match the remote control with intelligence, and has a one-key reset function.

Using the brand's high-power 80W LED light source, a variety of color temperatures are optional, and the illuminance is >12000Lx at 5m. The back of the lamp holder is equipped with a red and yellow (red and blue optional) warning light for warning purposes; the lamp holder can be rotated left and right 360°, up and down 180° to achieve a full range of no dead angle search lighting function.

The lamps and lanterns are automatically adapted to a wide operating voltage of DC12-24V, and can also be connected to AC220V to 12-24V voltage through a power converter. It is equipped with a working status indicator light, which can instantly grasp the operation of the lamps and lanterns; the power supply is taken from the car or ship through the cigarette lighter plug, and the lamps and lanterns are equipped with over-discharge protection voltage points, which can effectively protect the equipment battery from damage due to over-discharge.

The chassis of the lamps and lanterns is equipped with powerful magnets to facilitate the adsorption of the lamps and lanterns on cars and ships for mobile lighting or long-term screw installation on the roof of cars and ships for search lighting; the unique folding structure enables the lamps and lanterns to lie down at 90 degrees when the vehicle is driving at high speed, effectively reducing wind resistance.

The shell of high-quality bulletproof rubber material is light in weight, can withstand strong shocks, has extremely high resistance to strong collisions, shock and shock resistance, IP66 protection level, and the tight structural design ensures that the lamps and lanterns can be used normally under high-frequency vibration or in heavy rain environments.

There is a status indicator light. When the power supply is connected, if the lamp indicator light (green) is on for a long time, it means that it is at a normal voltage and the lamp can work normally; if the indicator light (red) flashes frequently, it means that the input voltage/current is too low. At this time, the lamp is not in normal working condition. Adjust the input voltage/current and continue to use it; if the lamp is short-circuited, the indicator light (blue) flashes once, and the lamp enters a protected state at this time, and normal operation can resume after reconnecting to the power supply.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Lamp head power


5 meters illuminance


Average service life


Effective irradiation distance


Warning light color

Red and yellow (red and blue optional)

Rotate up and down

180 degrees

Rotate left and right

360 degrees

Wireless control distance


Wired control


Dimensions (length x width x height)

Vertical: 307 X 280X 332mm

Lying down: 363X 280X 1 50mm

Weight of the whole lamp