Energy-saving floodlight loading and unloading light

  • Product Model:CHF3169

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of railways, iron and steel, ships, electricity, public security, etc. for mobile lighting, the company has developed and produced CHF3169 energy-saving floodlight loading and unloading lights, which are suitable for mobile lighting during loading and unloading, inspection and maintenance of cargo yards.


CHF3169 Product Features

Light efficiency and energy saving

The light source adopts imported solid-state LEDs, which have high brightness, long life, high light efficiency and low power consumption, and meet the “Energy Star” standard.The service life can reach 100,000 hours.The driving circuit of the constant current output has the functions of short circuit and open circuit protection, and the brightness of the output does not change with the change of voltage.High-energy non-memory battery, recyclable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, non-polluting.

Scientific light distribution

Multi-point light source distribution, scientific and reasonable light distribution, large irradiation range, soft and uniform light, can achieve a wide range of close-range lighting.

Waterproof and anti-fall

The lamps and lanterns are designed with a fully sealed process and can be used in humid environments and harsh climatic conditions.The special alloy shell ensures that the product can withstand strong collisions and shocks.The transparent parts are made of imported high-strength bulletproof materials, with high light transmittance, impact resistance and aging resistance.

Intelligent control

The lamps and lanterns are controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, equipped with LCD power display, strobe and special circuit protection functions, which can effectively prevent battery overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection, reliably protect the battery and extend the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

Smart protection

The unique lamp holder structure design, the lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and there is no dead angle of lighting; anti-electromagnetic interference; the lamp is light in weight, and can be used in a variety of ways such as portable, seat-mounted, hanging, and magnetic adsorption to meet various work needs.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Light source LED light source power


Luminous flux


Average service life


Continuous lighting time

Strong light/≥8h, working light/≥16h

Charging time


Battery life


Shell protection level


Dimensions (length x width x height)