Double-sided azimuth light

  • Product Model:FD5835

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of railway, metallurgy, electricity, public security, oil fields, petrochemical and other enterprises for warning signs in various places, the company uses advanced photoelectric special materials to develop and produce FD5835 double-sided azimuth lights, which are widely used in various special places as warning signs, and are also suitable for municipal, construction operations and monitoring, ambulance, and emergency workers for signal communication and azimuth indication purposes.


FD5835 Product Features

Warning time

The high-energy battery has a large capacity, no memory, low self-discharge rate, and a continuous working time of not less than 12 hours after a single charge, which can meet the needs of working all night.

Warning range

The light source uses imported ultra-high-brightness LEDs, which can issue warnings, signals or display orientations in two opposite directions at the same time, and the maximum visible distance in one direction is 1600 meters.

Easy to use

Equipped with adjustable telescopic rods, type II lamps and lanterns are equipped with plug-in steel chisel accessories, which can be inserted into gravel and soil for use, and Type II lamps and lanterns are equipped with magnetic suction cup accessories, which can be adsorbed on steel plates and can be used hand-held and mobile. It can also be used to adsorb magnetic force on the surface of the metal body or fasten it on a thin wall for fixed use.The lamp body can be adjusted and retracted as needed, which is simple to operate and easy to carry.

Applicable environment

It has good sealing and strong waterproof ability, and can work normally in various harsh environments in the wild; imported high-hardness alloy shell can withstand strong collisions and shocks.

Intelligent control

It is equipped with a power detection function and a low-voltage display device, which can keep abreast of the power status of lamps and lanterns; the smart charger has short-circuit protection and a charging display device, which can extend the battery life.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Light source (LED) operating current


Flash frequency

1.5 soil 0.5Hz

Average service life


Continuous working time (strobe/constant light)


Charging time


Battery life

1000 cycles

Maximum lighting height

Type i 1550mm, type ii 585mm

Dimensions (length X width X height)

Type i 122 x 46 x 746mm, type II 122 x 46 x 446mm

Shell protection level