All-round automatic lifting work light

  • Product Model:SFD6000A-L

Application Area

The SFD6000A-L type all-round automatic lifting work light developed and produced by the company is designed to meet the needs of large-scale and high-brightness lighting at work sites such as railway, aviation, electric power, public security, etc. for large-scale construction operations, accident emergency repairs, emergency and disaster relief.


SFD6000A-L Product Features

Lamp holder function

It consists of four 100W imported LED lamp holders. Each lamp holder can be individually adjusted and rotated at large angles up and down, left and right according to the needs of the site to achieve 360° all-round lighting; the lamp holders can also be distributed on the lamp panel to illuminate in four different directions. If you need four lamp holders to illuminate in the same direction, you can rotate 360° to the left and right according to the required lighting angle and orientation with the cylinder as the axis; the overall lighting takes into account the distance and near, the lighting brightness is high, the range is large, and the LED light source has a long life.

Irradiation range

Three telescopic cylinders are selected as the lifting adjustment method, with a maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters; the beam irradiation angle can be adjusted by rotating the lamp holder up and down, and the light coverage radius reaches 35-55 meters.

Lighting time

The generator set can be used directly for power supply, and the 220V MAINS power can also be connected for long-term lighting; the generator set can be used for power supply and the continuous working time can reach 13 hours when the fuel is filled at a time.

Easy to operate

Through wireless remote control, the opening and closing of each lamp can be controlled separately within a range of 50 meters, and the lifting of the telescopic cylinder can be quickly controlled by using an electric or manual air pump.

Adapt to the place

The light panel, cylinder and generator set are the overall structure, and the bottom of the generator set is equipped with a universal wheel and a rail wheel, which can run on potholes and uneven roads and railway tracks.

Use environment

The whole is made of high-quality imported metal materials, with compact structure and stable performance, which ensures normal operation under various harsh environments and climatic conditions, and has a rainproof, water-spraying, and wind-resistant rating of 8.

Customized for you

In order to meet the personalized needs of users, if the standard configuration of this product cannot meet the work needs of users, our company can adjust the number of lamp holders, power, flood or concentrating of the lamp panel, the height of the telescopic cylinder and the equipment of the generator according to user requirements.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


LED light source

Lamp head power


Average service life


Continuous working time

MAINS power supply

Long time

The generator set is filled with fuel at a time


Telescopic cylinder

Minimum height


Maximum lifting height


Lifting time


Generator set

Rated output voltage


Rated output power/fuel tank rated capacity


Dimensions (package size)

Generator set


Telescopic cylinder



Telescopic cylinder/generator set