Multifunctional strong light work light

  • Product Model:CON6006

Application Area

It can be widely used in line inspection, maintenance of low-altitude operations, cable maintenance, maintenance of power distribution cabinets, and other high-speed rail operations and other industries. Small fan country maintenance, emergency repair, emergency rescue environmental lighting.


CON6006 Product Features

The product has concentrated lighting (two levels of strength and weakness), flood lighting (two levels of strength and weakness), and warning light warning functions, which can be switched with one key to facilitate the use of various occasions.

The full range of products is equipped with charging and discharging interfaces.The discharge function can be used as a mobile power supply to charge small devices (such as mobile phones) in an emergency.The clip has a magnetic absorption function, which can be adsorbed on the iron cabinet for use, freeing your hands.

It adopts high-energy non-memory batteries, which are protected from charge, discharge and short circuit, which are safe and reliable.

The protection level is IP66 and can be used outdoors.The shell is made of aluminum, the surface is oxidized, and the feel is good and the texture is good.

Built-in laser indication function (optional), which can be used as a laser pointer in emergency situations.

Built-in near-current early warning function (optional), the early warning specification is 10kv, the early warning distance is >0.7m, and the color light flashes to warn when the personnel approach the high voltage.

Visually display the power and charging status, and the status is clear at a glance.

Product Parameters

Battery voltage


Battery capacity


Lighting power

Concentrated lighting (strong light): 2W, flood lighting (strong light): 2W


1500LUX (concentrated light, at 2 meters)

Service life


Color temperature


Dimensions (diameter*length)

Φ35*180mm (without magnetic bracket)

Continuous discharge time

(Gather/flood light) Strong light ≥4h, working light ≥8h



Use environment

- 20~+40C

Protection level


USB interface

Charging TYPE-C, discharging USB (5V1A)

Near current warning level

10kv, warning distance >0.7m