Magnetic inspection tube (LED work stick)

  • Product Model:CXU6032

Application Area

It is suitable for searching and repairing lighting in power grids, railways, ships and other industries.It is suitable for all kinds of emergency accident handling, inspection and maintenance work.


CXU6032 Product Features

Lighting source

The light source adopts imported Kerui LED, which has high light efficiency, low energy consumption, low thermal resistance and long life.At the same time, it has two working modes of concentrating and flooding. In the field of professional lighting, the first type of mobile lamps and lanterns that realize true flooding, dual-use with one lamp, improve work efficiency and reduce procurement costs.

Protect vision

It has three levels of strong light, working light, and strobe light, which can be used for lighting or long-distance signal indication.The irradiation area is large, the light is soft and the vision is effectively protected.

Rechargeable battery

Lithium batteries have large capacity, long life, no memory, low self-discharge rate, and are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Magnetic adsorption

The shell of aviation aluminum alloy material, with anodizing process, has impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and can be used under various harsh environmental conditions.The unique magnetic ring design can be adsorbed on any iron surface and is easy to use.

Power bank function

It can charge digital products such as mobile phones, and the intelligent charging output circuit has a short circuit protection function.

Smart protection

The internal circuit design has the functions of preventing overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection device and switch anti-misoperation.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage (DC)


Rated capacity


Light source power


Continuous lighting time

Concentrated lighting strong light>5.5h working light>14h strobe≥20h 

Flood lighting strong light>8h working light>11h strobe ≥20h

Charging time


Battery life

1500 times/cycle