Explosion-proof rechargeable tube

  • Product Model:CON6028

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of public security single police equipment, public security, patrol duty, joint defense teams, criminal police, armed police forces, railways, electric industry, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy and other enterprises and institutions for security personnel inspection and defense lighting, the company has recently developed and produced CON6028 explosion-proof rechargeable tube.


CON6028 Product Features

Explosion-proof function

This product has been certified by the national authority for explosion-proof, with the highest explosion-proof level of explosion-proof type, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

Light efficiency and energy saving

The light source preclude the use of the fourth generation of green and environmentally friendly high-power, high-brightness white imported LED, with a service life of more than 100,000 hours, and the reflector preclude the use of high-tech surface treatment technology, which has high reflection efficiency.It has lighting, strobe and long-distance signal indication functions.

Rechargeable battery

High-energy memory-free polymer lithium-ion batteries have large capacity, long life, low self-discharge rate, and are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Multiple functions

The front end has an offensive stab groove, which has the effect of attacking pain and subduing; the high-hardness aviation alloy material is waterproof, compression-resistant and drop-resistant to ensure that it can withstand strong shocks and can be used in harsh environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures.

Smart protection

The internal circuit design of the lamp has the functions of preventing overcharge, over discharge, short circuit protection device and switch anti-misoperation.

Low battery reminder

When the battery power is less than 20%, the light source will flash 5 times (2 times/second) to inform the battery that it is low.

Product Parameters

Protection levelIP66
Rated voltage3.7V
Rated capacity light source (LED)2200mAh
Average service life100000h
Continuous lighting timeStrong light N9h 
Working light Nl6h
Charging time5h
Battery life1500/cycle
Dimensions (outer diameter X length)40*150mm