Pen clip type explosion-proof glare flashlight

  • Product Model:BXD6030

Application Area

BXD6030 pen-clip explosion-proof glare flashlight, suitable for railway, electric power, border defense, petrochemical, public security, procuratorial, aviation and various field workplaces for long-term lighting or signal indication.


BXD6030 Product Features

The light source adopts imported solid-state LED, which is green and environmentally friendly, with high light efficiency, low energy consumption, low thermal resistance, and long life, with an average service life of up to 100,000 hours.

The high-hardness aviation aluminum shell ensures that it can withstand strong shocks, has good resistance to high and low temperature and humidity, and can be used under various harsh environmental conditions.

The shell is designed to be roll-proof and non-slip, and the surface is anti-wear treated with military-grade three-stage hard anodizing. It is light and beautiful, can be carried in a pocket, and the operation is simple and convenient.

It has three-speed light working modes of working light, strong light, and flashing, which can be used for lighting or long-distance signal indication; it can achieve alert and personal defense functions.

The structure of the lamp preclude the use of anti-reverse connection design to prevent the reverse installation of the battery from causing harm to the circuit.

High-energy non-memory batteries have large capacity, low self-discharge rate, long life, economical and environmentally friendly.The circuit has protection against overcharge, over discharge, and short circuit.

The pen clip design can be used on special occasions and when working with both hands.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Rated capacity




Flashing frequency


Continuous lighting time

Strong light N8h
working light>16h

Charging time


Battery life

Cycle 1500 times

Protection level


Dimensions (outer diameter x length)