Mobile explosion-proof searchlight

  • Product Model:BFD8100D

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of petrochemical enterprises such as railways, oil fields, iron and steel, electricity, public security, etc. for high-brightness and large-scale mobile explosion-proof lighting in various operations, emergency repairs in accidents, and handling of abnormal situations, the company has developed and produced BFD8100D mobile explosion-proof searchlights, which have been certified by national authorities for explosion-proof, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places and other work sites.


BFD8100D Product Features

Explosion-proof function

This product has passed the explosion-proof certification of the national authority, and the explosion-proof type has the highest explosion-proof level. It is produced in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standards. It has excellent explosion-proof and anti-static effects, breaking through the traditional lamp holder explosion-proof, and the battery box is not explosion-proof. Defects, can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

Light source energy saving

The light source preclude the use of the United States Corey LED, which has high brightness, long life, low thermal resistance, low power consumption, and meets the “Energy Star” standard.Preclude the use of a constant current output drive circuit, which has short-circuit and open-circuit protection functions, and the brightness of the output does not change with voltage changes.

Emergency durable

The high-energy non-memory battery can be charged at any time, and is equipped with a low-voltage lighting protection circuit to reliably protect the battery and extend the service life of the battery.

Stable quality

The fully dense process design can work normally in storms; the special alloy shell ensures that the product can withstand strong collisions and shocks.

Flexible use

The unique lamp holder structure design, the lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, equipped with easy-to-move wheels and handles, and the operation is simple.

Display function

The intuitive battery power display allows you to understand the remaining battery power at any time without any operation, which is convenient for the charging and discharging of lamps and lanterns.Real-time display of the ambient temperature in use, and the time and date display have been added.

Product Parameters

Protection levelIP65 
Scope of applicationExplosive gas environment in Zone 1 and 2
Power boxRated voltage24V
Rated capacity17Ah
Light source (LED)Rated power24W/30W
Luminous flux2500Lm
Average service life100000h
Continuous lighting timeStrong lightN20h/15h
Working lightN30h/25h
Charging time8h
Battery lifeCycle about 1000 times
Dimensions (length X width X height)312X229X708mm