LED explosion-proof searchlight

  • Product Model:BXW8200A

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of night field operations of railway, electric power, public security, fire protection, iron and steel, oil fields and other petrochemical units, the company has developed the BXW8200A type LED explosion-proof searchlight, which is suitable for loading and unloading of cargo yards, inspection and maintenance, accident emergency repair and other indoor and outdoor venues for mobile lighting, etc., suitable for emergency lighting in outdoor places such as tunnels, subways, and cave construction.Certified by the national authority for explosion-proof, it can work safely in flammable and explosive places.


BXW8200A Product Features

Explosion-proof function

Certified by the national authority for explosion-proof, explosion-proof and safety-enhancing composite explosion-proof types, produced in full accordance with national explosion-proof standards, have excellent explosion-proof and anti-static effects, and can work safely in flammable and explosive places.

High efficiency and energy saving

The light source adopts solid-state maintenance-free LED, which has low energy consumption, high light efficiency, a life span of up to 100,000 hours, energy saving and environmental protection; excellent circuit design, arbitrary conversion of working light and strong light, continuous lighting of strong light for 8 hours, and continuous lighting of working light for up to 16 hours.

Rechargeable battery

High-energy non-memory battery pack, stable charge and discharge performance, high capacity, low self-discharge rate, economical and environmentally friendly.

Smart reminder

The user-friendly battery indicator and low-voltage warning function are designed. When the battery is low, the lamp will automatically prompt for charging.

Reliable and durable

The excellent structure and sealing design, and the protection level of IP65 ensure that the lamps and lanterns can work stably and reliably for a long time in harsh environments.Imported materials and optimized structural design, light weight, 50% lighter than the same type of lamps and lanterns, reducing the burden on operators to carry and transport.The irradiation angle of the lamp holder can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the needs of on-site work, and the irradiation can be positioned.It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

Easy to apply

Various lighting methods such as portable, magnetic adsorption, hanging, and countertop placement can be used.

Product Parameters

Protection levelIP65
Rated voltageDC11.1V
Rated capacity4400mAh
Light source (LED) power3x3W
Average service life100000h
Continuous lighting timeStrong light N8h/working light N6h
Charging time

After normal use/6h

After the battery runs out/8h

Battery lifeCycle > 1500 times
Dimensions (length X width X height)180X130X295mm