Intrinsically safe miner's lamp

  • Product Model:KL5LM( A)

Application Area

In order to meet the lighting needs of flammable and explosive places such as coal mines, petroleum, petrochemical, metallurgy, railways, power plants, ships, etc., the company develops and produces KL5LM(A) intrinsically safe miner's lamps, which are suitable for gas mines and general mines.


KL5LM( A) Product Features

High efficiency and energy saving

The selection of energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-power LED light sources has high light efficiency and long life, with an average service life of up to 100,000 hours, to achieve long-term maintenance-free.There are two different color temperature light sources, cold white and warm white, and users can choose according to their actual needs.Concentrating and flooding can be freely adjusted to meet the lighting needs of different places.It has three lighting modes: strong light, working light, and low light, and can be switched with one key.By turning the lamp holder and handle, the lighting angle can be adjusted.Preclude the use of high-strength engineering plastics and optimized structural design, strong impact resistance, water and dust resistance, insulation, and good corrosion resistance.

Rechargeable battery

High-energy lithium-ion batteries have excellent charge and discharge performance, low self-discharge rate and no pollution.The battery has overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection functions, which are safe and reliable.Fast charging and overvoltage charging protection functions make lamps and lanterns faster and safer to charge.

Smart reminder

Intelligent power display and low voltage warning function design, you can check the battery level at any time.When the battery is low, the battery display light flashes to prompt.

Humanized design, with yellow light warning light function, to remind vehicles to pay attention to safety.

Sound siren

The high-decibel sound siren is designed to remind the surrounding people and serve as an early warning and warning function.

Easy to use

Small size and light weight, it can preclude the use of magnetic adsorption, countertop placement, portable and other ways of use.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageDC11.1V
Rated capacity5Ah
Light source typeLED
Service life of light source100000h
Rated power12W
Luminous flux

>1100 (warm white)

N 1200 (cold white)

Color temperature



Color rendering index RaN70
Lighting typeConcentrating/flooding
Continuous lighting timeStrong light Nl0h working light N24h low light N80h
Charging time<3.5h
Battery lifeN1000 cycles
Shell protection levelIP66
Ambient temperature-20~+40℃
Dimensions175 x 156 x210mm
Sound decibels at 3 metersN90dB