Multifunctional explosion-proof portable light

  • Product Model:BJW8311

Application Area

In order to meet the needs of night mobile lighting for railways, electric power, water conservancy, public security, fire protection, troops, iron and steel, oil fields, petrochemical and other units, the company has developed BJW8311 multifunctional explosion-proof portable lamp, which is suitable for various fire-fighting and rescue in the fire-fighting industry, as well as emergency and rescue individual operation lighting in outdoor, field and other places. At the same time, the product is suitable for strong light lighting during inspection and search operations of personnel in other industries such as public security and water conservancy. It has the characteristics of high brightness, fast charging, and strong emergency protection capabilities.


BJW8311 Product Features

Explosion-proof function

Explosion-proof certification by national authorities, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standard.Quasi-production, can work safely in places with flammable and explosive gases.

The light source adopts imported LED, has high light efficiency, long life, and an average service life of up to 100,000 hours. There are two light source options, cold white and warm white.

The lamp holder concentrates three levels of light: strong light, working light, and flashing light. Tap the large switch to switch freely.

The side lights have flood lighting, red and blue warning functions, and can be freely converted by tapping the small switch.

Using high-energy lithium-ion batteries, it has superior performance, safety and environmental protection.

The internal circuit design of the lamp has the function of preventing overcharge, over discharge, and short circuit protection, which is safe and reliable.It has a low battery warning function, which makes it more assured to use.

The lamp has a power display, which can display the remaining power of the lamp and the charging status in real time.

It has a simple appearance, small size and light weight. It can be carried hand-held, shoulder-straddled, etc., which is easy to carry.Fire-fighting model: FD-FBSI300/BJW8311, with color temperature adjustment function (2X12W), press the large switch for more than 2S, you can switch the color temperature of the lamps and lanterns.

Product Parameters

Shell protection level

IP68 ( 1.5m, 1h)

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Rated power

1X12W 2X12W

Continuous lighting time

Concentrated work light ≥10h concentrated strong light ≥5h

Floodlight working light (single side)≥16h floodlight working light (double side)≥8h

Flood light, strong light (one side) ≥10h

Flood light, strong light (both sides) ≥5h

Luminous flux

Concentrated working light: 600Lm Concentrated strong light: 1000Lm

Floodlight working light (single side) 360Lm floodlight working light (double side) 720Lm

Flood light strong light (single side) 720Lm

Flood light and strong light (both sides) 1440Lm

Charging time


Average service life


Battery life

≥1000 cycles

Dimensions (outer diameter X length)