Explosion-proof panoramic mobile lighting system

  • Product Model:SFD6000Q

Application Area

The products are suitable for a wide range of mobile lighting in public security, emergency, fire protection, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, network power and other industries for emergency rescue and explosion-proof construction sites.It has the characteristics of high brightness, simple installation, convenient operation, and wide versatility.


SFD6000Q Product Features

The lamps and lanterns are designed with a composite explosion-proof structure of intrinsically safe, rubber-sealed, and increased safety. They can be used safely in flammable and explosive gas environments in zones 1 and 2. The overall protection level reaches IP66 and can be used for a long time in various bad weather environments.;

The lamp holder group adopts imported high-efficiency LED light source, which has high lighting brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, and long service life; the maximum lighting power is 180W, which can meet the needs of large-scale and long-term lighting on various construction sites.;

Using a three-lamp holder design, a single lamp holder can adjust the irradiation direction and irradiation angle horizontally and vertically to achieve 360° ambient illumination and unilateral lighting in three directions. The height of the lamp holder can be adjusted through five-section lifting and shrinking rods, and the maximum lifting height is greater than 4m to meet the lighting needs of different places.;

The large-capacity and high-energy lithium battery pack is used, the battery self-discharge rate is low, and the full-power state can meet the lighting time requirements of 6 hours of strong light, 9h of working light, and 12h of low light. The lamp is equipped with overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection functions, which are safe and reliable.;

The front and both sides of the lamps are equipped with high-brightness red and blue warning lights that can be turned on separately, with a visual distance of up to 3km, reminding pedestrians and vehicles to avoid and ensuring the safety of the operation site.;

The lamps and lanterns are equipped with triangular support frames, which can be strengthened with ground nails, which can greatly improve the stability of the lamps and lanterns. The operation is simple and convenient. When the triangular support is folded and put away, it is more convenient to place in a small space.;

Dual control: the lamp operation panel can realize three-speed dimming, warning light on, and five-grid segmented power viewing; download the lamp control APP and connect via Bluetooth to realize lamps, warning lights on, stepless dimming, power display, and charging status viewing, with a control distance of ≥30m, which effectively improves the applicability of lamps and lanterns in different occasions.;

It is small in size and light in weight, which can realize a variety of carrying methods such as portable and carrying.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Rated capacity


Service life

1000 cycles

Rated power


Service life


The light is turned on, the maximum illumination


Warning light color

Red blue

Strong light


Working light


Low light


Charging time



205X220X1150 (soil 50) mm (storage state)

782X782X4050 (soil 50) mm (unfolded state)



Protection level