Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED roadway lights

  • Product Model:DJS3 4/127L(A)

Application Area

DJS3 4/127L(A) MINE explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED roadway lamp has SUPERIOR explosion-proof performance. It is suitable for underground three-phase AC 1 27V asymmetric power grids in coal mines. It is used as a lighting fixture for underground roadways, meeting rooms and other places in coal mines with the risk of methane or coal dust explosion.This roadway lamp is suitable for underground coal mines containing methane and coal dust explosion environments. It is used for fixed lighting in underground roadways and chambers of coal mines. It is strictly prohibited to be used for mining work surfaces.


DJS3 4/127L(A) Product Features

DJS34/1 27L(A) Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED roadway light (hereinafter referred to as roadway light) adopts explosion-proof and intrinsically safe design, and the LED driver adopts constant current drive power supply with a wide input power supply range to achieve explosion-proof function.The transparent parts of the lamps and lanterns use a PC cover, which has high light transmittance and is lightweight.

The shell of the lamp is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, which has excellent heat dissipation effect and meets the requirements of explosion-proof strength.

Use environmental conditions:

The ambient temperature is -20°C~40C, and the air pressure is 80kPa~106kPa ;

Altitude: 2000m;

The average monthly relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 95% (25C);

Used underground in coal mines where there is a risk of gas and coal dust explosion;

In a gas or steam environment that does not destroy the insulation;

It is strictly prohibited to be used for mining work surfaces;

The pollution level is level 3.

Product Parameters

Safety mark number


Explosion-proof sign

Ex d[ib] I Mb

Rated voltage


Rated power




Illuminance Lx (measured at 3 meters)

> 10Lx

Dimensions (length X height)