Mine explosion-proof LED roadway light

  • Product Model:DGS18/127L(A)

Application Area

DGS18/127L (A) Mine explosion-proof LED roadway light (hereinafter referred to as roadway light), suitable for underground coal mines containing methane and coal dust explosion environments, for fixed lighting in underground roadways and chambers of coal mines, it is strictly prohibited to be used for mining work surfaces.


DGS18/127L(A) Product Features

DGS18/127L(A) Mine explosion-proof LED roadway light (hereinafter referred to as roadway LIGHT) is a new type of high-power LED as a light source, energy-saving lamps powered by a wide-voltage switching power supply, with high light efficiency, long life, good safety, no maintenance and other characteristics.There is no need to replace the light source assembly during the service life of the roadway light.The roadway lamp adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy shell, which is lightweight and beautiful, has good impact resistance and long life.

Use environmental conditions and scope of application:

Ambient temperature: -20°C~+40C;

Average relative humidity: ≤95% (+25C);

Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~106kPa;

Where there is no significant vibration and shock;

There are explosive gases such as methane and coal dust underground in coal mines, but there are no corrosive gases that destroy insulation.

Product Parameters

Safety mark number


Operating voltage


Rated power


Illuminance Lx (at 3m)