Longevity explosion-proof lamp

  • Product Model:BFC6180

Application Area

In order to meet the lighting needs of flammable and explosive places such as petroleum, petrochemical, fire protection, metallurgy, shipbuilding, etc., the company has developed and produced BFC6180 long-life explosion-proof lamps, which are widely used in various flammable and explosive places, installations and facilities, and various indoor and outdoor operation lighting needs.


BFC6180 Product Features

Explosion-proof function

It has passed the explosion-proof certification of the national authority, and the explosion-proof type has the highest explosion-proof level. It is produced in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standards, and can work safely in various flammable and explosive places.

Light efficiency and energy saving

Imported green and environmentally friendly high-power white LED solid-state light sources are selected, with high light efficiency and long life span. The life span can be as high as 100,000 hours, which can achieve long-term maintenance-free, soft and uniform light, no glare, avoid eye fatigue of operators, and improve work efficiency.The power consumption is only 20% of that of incandescent lamps with the same luminous flux, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

Applicable environment

The shell adopts lightweight alloy materials and the latest surface treatment technology, which are wear-resistant and anticorrosive, waterproof and dustproof; the transparent parts are made of imported bulletproof rubber materials, with high light transmittance and good impact resistance, which can make the lamps and lanterns work normally in various harsh environments.

Installation method

It adopts a variety of installation methods such as seat-mounted, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted; it is small in size and light in weight, and the indirect introduction of cables makes the installation and wiring simple and convenient.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Optional AC36V DC36V DC24V

Rated power

6W, 10W, 12W, 18W

Protection level


Anticorrosive grade


Introduction cable


Pitch to height ratio



Φ146 x 130mm




Order numberEquipped with light sourceRated power (W)Luminous flux (Im)Average service life (h)