Fire emergency lighting

  • Product Model:ZH-ZFZD-E6W 6192

Application Area

Flammable and explosive places, various indoor and outdoor operations, construction sites and other places, provide temporary emergency lighting for personnel evacuation, emergency repair and fire-fighting operations in the event of sudden power outages or accidents.;

Class IIA, Class IIB explosive gas environment;

Dangerous places in Zone 1 and Zone 2.


ZH-ZFZD-E6W 6192 Product Features

At the same time, it meets the requirements of explosion-proof and fire-fighting standards, and explosion-proof explosion-proof lamps and lanterns can be used safely in flammable and explosive places.

The LED light source is used to meet the requirements of long-term emergency lighting; the shell protection level reaches IP66, which can be used reliably in various indoor and outdoor places.

The lamps and lanterns come with emergency batteries, and the emergency lighting time is greater than 120 minutes, which fully meets the emergency lighting needs during evacuation and emergency repair operations in the event of an accident.

The lamps and lanterns come with a simulation test switch, which is convenient to conduct regular simulation power-off tests in accordance with fire-fighting requirements to check whether the emergency function of the lamps and lanterns is normal.

It has an automatic intelligent detection function. When the emergency function is abnormal during the self-inspection, a yellow indicator light will flash to prompt, which is convenient to deal with the fault in time and eliminate safety risks.

The lamps are lightweight and easy to install.

Designed according to the requirements of fire protection standards to meet the needs of emergency lighting in flammable and explosive places.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage

AC220V 50Hz

Emergency power supply

DC3.7V 2500mAh

Light source type


Rated power


Emergency working hours


Emergency power supply charging time


Emergency power supply service life

About 500 (cycle)

Anticorrosive grade


Protection level







Order numberEquipped with light sourceRated power (W)Luminous flux (Im)Average service life (h)Temperature group
ZH-ZFZD-E6W 6192LED6321.150000T6