LED explosion-proof cast (flood) light

  • Product Model:BLC6250

Application Area

It is suitable for explosive and hazardous environments such as petroleum refining, storage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, military industry and military facilities.Suitable for explosive gas environment zones 1 and 2; suitable for IIA, IIB, and II C explosive gas environments; suitable for environments with temperature groups of T1-T4; used as factory areas or road lighting;


BLC6250 Product Features

Light source module

The use of high-brightness LED light source, with high-efficiency constant current drive power supply, saves up to 60% more electricity than gas discharge lamps; ALL LED components are sealed, waterproof and dustproof, without internal cleaning and maintenance; the circuit board has low thermal resistance and specially designed module circuits. The failure of each unit will not affect the normal operation of the remaining components.

Power module

The high-efficiency constant-current drive power supply is equipped with an intelligent power regulator, which has a luminous flux compensation function to reduce light failure and ensure that the light efficiency of the LED light source has overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and surge current protection functions.

Cooling module

The explosion-proof lamp housing is made of alloy high-pressure casting, and the surface is polished and sprayed with high-voltage static electricity, which effectively improves the heat dissipation performance of the housing; the circuit substrate is close to the aluminum alloy housing, which can instantly convert the point heat source into a surface heat source, and the heat dissipation area is multiplied, which is conducive to the rapid dispersion of heat and improves the heat dissipation efficiency; the surface of the housing has an air flow dispersion groove, which takes away the heat with the help of air flow, fully ensuring the heat dissipation requirements of the LED and the service life is longer.

Optical distribution module

The light distribution components specially designed for each type of lamp give full play to the performance of the lamp; the light source and the power supply adopt an integrated structure, and the power supply cavity is provided with a hinge, which makes the installation of the lamp more convenient; this series of lamps and lanterns is a maintenance-free product, energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the rotation angle of the wall installation is adjustable.Ceiling type, embedded installation.Cable or steel pipe wiring can be used; exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel with high anticorrosive properties.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage


Protection level


Insulation grade


Anticorrosive grade


Import and export thread


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