LED glare light

  • Product Model:NLC9206

Application Area

It is widely used in large-area lighting of various factories, inner and outer yards, warehouses, workshops, maintenance rooms, cargo yards and other sites, as well as road lighting in various factory roads, roads at all levels, main roads and other places.


NLC9206 Product Features

Light efficiency and energy saving

The selection of internationally renowned brand LED light sources and high reflectance lenses has high light efficiency, long life, strong vibration resistance and small size.Reasonable light distribution design, large lighting range, wide angle, high brightness, uniform illumination, suitable for road lighting.There are two configurations of concentrated floodlight, which can meet the range lighting of the outfield and illuminate the cast light of key areas.

Good heat dissipation

The stepped heat dissipation structure technology is used to effectively control the temperature rise of each component; the light source cavity adopts a cavity design to effectively control the “heat island effect”.The low temperature rise and uniform heat dissipation ensure that the lamps and lanterns can work stably and reliably for a long time.

Applicable environment

The shell is made of lightweight alloy materials and treated with high-tech spraying technology. All exposed hardware is made of stainless steel, which can be used reliably in long-term sun, rain and various corrosive environments, and has high resistance to strong collisions and shocks. Ability.

Installation method

Equipped with a U-shaped bracket made of stainless steel, it can easily realize seat-type, wall-type, and ceiling-type installation; it can also be equipped with light pole-type screw compression and fixing method to realize road lighting.Easy wiring, simple maintenance and fast.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage

220V~ 50Hz

Ambient temperature


Light source


Introduce the outer diameter of the cable

Medium 8~medium 14mm

Cable entry thread


Anticorrosive grade



625 x 336 x 70mm (bracket type), 688 x 320 x 100mm (light pole type)


9.4kg (bracket type), 9.1 (light pole type)


Order numberEquipped with light sourceRated power (W)Luminous flux (lm)Average service life (h)