LED grille classroom light

  • Product Model:ZHL-JS01-36W

Application Area

Ordinary classrooms, smart classrooms, e-education classrooms, computer rooms, laboratories, libraries, offices, study rooms, meeting rooms, etc.


ZHL-JS01-36W Product Features

Product Parameters

Product size1195x295x76mm
Rated voltage220V~50/60Hz
Rated power36W
Power factor0.95
Color temperature5000K
Color rendering indexRa:96
Lamp performance93 Lm/w
Operating ambient temperature-20~40℃
Life expectancy50,000 hours (TA=25℃)
Protection levelIP40
Executive standardGB7000.1-2015 / GB7000.201-2008 / GB17625.1-2012 / GB/T17743-2017 / CQC3155-2016
The specific parameters are subject to the actual parameters of the actual product!The long axis direction of the lamp is C0-180 plane.