Zhejiang Zhenghui urgently raised disaster relief materials to rescue Yancheng and overcome the difficulties together

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On the afternoon of June 23, strong convective weather such as strong thunder and lightning, hail, thunderstorms and strong winds occurred in Funing County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The local area was hit by tornadoes and some areas were severely hit.According to reports, 98 people have been killed in the disaster and 846 wounded have been admitted to the hospital.Property damage in the affected areas was serious.

Natural disasters are ruthless and people have feelings. Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. is highly concerned about Funing. It launched an emergency response team at the first time to investigate the material situation in the affected area and allocate lighting equipment to alleviate the urgent needs of the affected people.

The picture shows the vehicle of our company transporting equipment and materials to Yancheng on the 24th

According to the actual needs of the disaster area, emergency supplies and lighting equipment such as remote-controlled lifting lighting devices and flashlights were urgently prepared, and they rushed to Funing as soon as possible. Arriving in the disaster area late at night, the on-site staff guided and installed rescue lighting devices to light up the light of hope for the disaster area as soon as possible.

The picture shows the lighting materials transported to the scene

The picture shows the on-site guidance of the staff

Zhenghui people use the most practical actions to practice the principles of condensing love and transmitting positive energy, and contribute their own modest strength to help the people in the disaster area overcome natural disasters.I sincerely wish the people in the disaster area an early reconstruction of their beautiful homes.