Caring for pandas, we are in action

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—-Happy birthday to "Zhengzheng” and "Huihui”


I believe that many friends like to see Mengmengda giant pandas. Today is the sixth birthday of “Zhengzheng” and “Huihui”, the giant panda twins adopted by Zhejiang Zhenghui Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. for life!

It is reported that the giant panda "Zhengzheng" arrived in Ningbo at the end of September 2015 and has been living in Ningbo Youngor Zoo during this period.In April this year, the adult “Zhengzheng” returned to its birthplace, the Ya'an Bifengxia Base of the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center.

"Zhengzheng" lives in the area of the Returnee Giant Panda Paradise. Under the careful care of the breeder, he is in very healthy health and currently weighs 111 kg.Its enclosure is in a non-tourist area. The enclosure is very original and ecological. There are dense grass and many shady trees. It likes its yard very much. After waking up every morning, it has to walk around the yard a few times. You can breathe fresh air and exercise. Sometimes it will climb to the tree to look at the scenery in the distance.

During this time, ”Zhengzheng" likes to eat crispy and tender bamboo shoots the most. Of course, it also eats bamboo poles and other complementary foods.After a meal, ”Zhengzheng" likes to lie down in the grass and rest until the breeder tells it to get up and add food.

"Huihui" lives in the Panda Paradise in Langzhong, Sichuan Province. As long as he is full and wants to sleep, he will find a place to lie down and sleep. There is no fixed rest time, and sometimes he can't wake up when he sleeps."Huihui” has an ability to eat at any time, and another ability to sleep anytime, anywhere. You see, whether it's on a shelf or on a branch, it's always, as long as you want to sleep, it's your own territory!

Zhenghui Lighting calls on everyone to care for giant pandas. At the same time, it hopes to make everyone deeply feel the importance of protecting the ecological environment, and calls on everyone to establish the concept of protecting animals with actions, promoting green environmental protection, sustainable development, and building a future home together. Cherish the panda together, so that the cute panda will always be with mankind.