Multifunctional mobile lighting system

  • Product Model:SFW3009

Application Area


SFW3009 Product Features

Safe and reliable

Protection level lP65, the lamp holder adopts a high-efficiency LED light source, and is equipped with concentrating and flooding modes, which can be used alone or turned on at the same time, taking into account the all-round lighting needs of long-distance searchlight and close-range working light.High lighting brightness, large coverage, long service life;

Multi-angle lighting

Each lamp holder can be rotated horizontally by 360 degrees in the horizontal direction, or it can be flipped vertically by 360 degrees in the vertical direction, providing multi-angle all-round lighting needs.

Flexible and convenient

It has strong compatibility and adopts a standard USB charging interface, which can charge digital products such as mobile phones. It solves the shortcoming that mobile phones or other digital products cannot be used when users run out of power when working outdoors, and provides a guarantee for long-term outdoor work.The lamps and lanterns can be connected to AC220V through a charger to directly power the lamps and lanterns, which can meet the long-term lighting needs.

Product Parameters

Protection levelLamp holder IP65 cabinet IP54
Rated voltageDC25.2V
Battery rated capacity22 Ah
Rated power2*30w
Life expectancy100000h
Continuous lighting timeFlood light, concentrated light 8h
Camera pixels8 million
Storage space capacity32G
Warning light colorRed/yellow/blue (optional)
Battery lifeAbout 1000
Cycle charging time≤6h
Use environment-20~40 degrees