Fully automatic mobile lighting lighthouse

  • Product Model:SFD6000N

Application Area


SFD6000N Product Features

●Suitable for maintenance and emergency repair, accident handling, flood prevention and flood control, emergency rescue and large-scale construction site lighting.The light source adopts 4 1000W metal halide lamps, the lamp pole can be rotated 360° in the horizontal direction, the lamp holder can change the projection angle in the range of 0°~90°, and the lighting has no strobe.

●The original imported generator set used can work continuously for more than 40h when filled with fuel at a time.In places with MAINS electricity, 220V AC power can also be connected to achieve long-term lighting.

●The whole set of lighthouses adopts 4 hydraulic support feet and adopts a fully automatic operation design to ensure stable parking. When the support feet are put away, they can be locked with a lock to prevent accidental release.The wind resistance level is not lower than level 8.

●The lighthouse adopts 8-section lifting and shrinking rods, and the jog switch controls the lifting of the lighthouse. The lifting height is 10m. The diameter of the wire rope used for traction during the lifting of the lamps and lanterns is ≥6mm, which meets the safety requirements of the lamps and lanterns.

●2 taillights are set at the tail of the lighthouse.Connected to the power vehicle, it can realize the functions of steering, braking, and lighting.Give signals to the rear car during the towing process to ensure the safety of driving.Manual braking is designed on the tow bar, and the brake line is used to mechanically brake the tires. The mechanical braking is not easy to fail. When the lighthouse is in use or in idle storage, the tires are guaranteed to be braked to death to avoid the risk of collision caused by the lighthouse slipping.

●The lighthouse body is equipped with a level meter in an easy-to-observe position, so that the level can be accurately adjusted when the lifting rod of the lamp is erected.The lighthouse can meet the transportation methods of trailers, forklifts and cranes, and the towing speed can reach 100km/h.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage220V
Light panelLamp head power4x1000W
Luminous flux of lamp holder4x110000Lm
Average service life10000h
Continuous working timeMAINS power supplyLong time
The generator set is filled with fuel at a time40h
Telescopic cylinderInitial height2.95m
Rising height10m
Lifting time30S
Generator setRated output voltage220V
Rated output power6400W
DimensionsPut away the dimensions2220x1260x2200mm
Expand dimensions2220x2450x10000mm
weightNo fuel added911Kg