Car search light

  • Product Model:CHT3168A-L

Application Area


CHT3168A-L Product Features

Irradiation distance

Special light distribution design, high reflective efficiency, strong concentrating, and irradiation distance of up to 1200 meters.

Lighting source

The light source adopts the American Corey LED, which has the characteristics of high brightness and long life.It can make full use of the DC12V/24V large-capacity batteries of automobiles (DC12V/24V) and other mechanical and electrical equipment to work for a long time; it can also be equipped with large-capacity and high-energy batteries for lighting.

Reliable and durable

The shell is made of imported high-hardness alloy materials, which have extremely high resistance to strong collisions, shock and impact resistance.The fully sealed process is designed to work normally in harsh environments such as storms or strong ocean waves.The light weight and unique folding structure enable the lamps and lanterns to close the lamp holder when the vehicle is driving at high speed, effectively reducing wind resistance, and the magnetic adsorption of the lamps and lanterns is safe and reliable. The lamps and lanterns are integrated with the vehicle.Lamps and lanterns can be placed on automobiles and ships for lighting; they can be installed on towers, derricks and other mechanical and electrical equipment for fixed lighting.

Remote control

It is used by wireless remote control (the effective distance of unlimited remote control is 30 meters, barrier-free and directional FM control), and the rotation angle can be freely adjusted up and down, left and right according to the lighting needs of the work site. The remote control has no inertia, accurate, and the lamp holder rotates horizontally 360 degrees, and tilts up and down 180 degrees to achieve a full range of lighting search.

Product Parameters

Input voltage DC12/24V
Light sourceLED
Luminous flux3800Lm
Average service life100000h
Adjust the rotation angleElevation/elevation angle 180 degrees   Left and right 360 degrees
Remote control effective distance≥30M
Dimensions (length x width x height)310x320x150mm