Smart ranging flashlight

  • Product Model:NXW6052

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NXW6052 Product Features

Safe and reliable

The shell is made of imported materials, which are strong and durable; the optimized structure and circuit design are safe and reliable, easy to carry and easy to use.The protection level reaches IP65, which can work reliably for a long time in a variety of harsh environments.

Precise ranging

In addition to the lighting function, it also has laser ranging functions (including linear distance, area, volume, and hook strand measurement), and allows the measured distance to be added and subtracted, as well as the switching of measurement reference units and the storage of measurement quantities. Equipped with a level meter, the measurement work is easier and faster.

Smart battery

The use of high-energy and memory-free polymer lithium batteries has dual protection, low self-discharge rate and high battery capacity, which can meet the needs of long-term outdoor use, and is safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.It has the functions of battery display and low battery alarm, so customers can carry out charging and maintenance in time during use.The internal circuit has the functions of overcharge, over discharge, and short circuit protection, which makes the lamps safer, more reliable, and more durable.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageDC3.7V 
Rated capacity2200mAh
Light sourceLED 3W
Average service life100000h
Lighting timeStrong light/6h working light/10h
Charging time8h
Battery life1000/cycle
Laser ranging measurement range0.3~55 m
Measurement accuracy±0.01m
Dimensions (length X width X height)126x82x40mm
Protection levelIP65