Hand-cranked rechargeable inspection glare light

  • Product Model:XCL6021

Application Area


XCL6021 Product Features

Impact resistance, drop resistance, wear resistance.

It can be hung and buckled on the waist for easy work.

You can charge the phone urgently.

Smart battery

When the battery is low, the computer voice prompts to charge, refusing to forget the trouble of charging; special large-capacity lithium battery pack, no memory, long cycle life, environmental protection and pollution-free; microcomputer chip protects the battery, prevents overcharging and over discharge, and effectively extends the battery life.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage3.7V
Rated capacity4400mAh
Light source LED power3W
Continuous service life100000h
Hand-cranked generator, hand-cranked100R/min (charging for 1 minute, use time) 30Min
Continuous lighting timeStrong light 8h working light 35h secondary light source 42h
Charging time≥5h
Battery life1500 cycles
Protection levelIP66
Dimensions (length X width X height)222x87x127mm