LED high ceiling light

  • Product Model:ZH-TL9

Application Area


ZH-TL9 Product Features

Fin-type radiator is used, with a large heat dissipation area and good air convection; the junction temperature of the luminous center point is 4~5 degrees lower than that of car aluminum after testing, and the surface temperature of the radiator is 3~8 degrees lower than that of car aluminum.


Corrosion-resistant shell materials and surface coating treatment ensure that the lamps and lanterns are not corroded or rusty in harsh environments.It is durable and more durable, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V
Rated power200W 250W 300W
Luminous flux23000Lm
Color temperature rangeCold white 5000-5500K
Average service life100000h
Boom installationΦ400x127mm