LED explosion-proof platform light

  • Product Model:BPC6236

Application Area


BPC6236 Product Features

Safe and explosion-proof

It has excellent explosion-proof protection performance, is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of national explosion-proof standards, and can be used safely in various flammable, explosive and harsh places; it adopts internationally renowned brand LED light sources with high light efficiency, good color rendering, low light failure, low energy consumption, no flicker, long service life and maintenance-free.

Light efficiency and energy saving

Imported LED is preferred as the light source, which has excellent light flux maintenance rate and high light efficiency.The honeycomb-shaped light distribution structure is carefully designed to effectively improve the efficiency of lamps and lanterns.It adopts constant current drive, with short circuit and overvoltage protection functions; scientific light distribution design, accurate light distribution, and creates comfortable and pleasant visual enjoyment.The light is evenly distributed and the irradiation angle is large.The frosted glass configuration is used to make the light softer and more comfortable.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V 50Hz (optional AC/DC 12~36V)
Light source typeLED
Rated powerStandard 50W (optional 30W, 40W)
Luminous flux3300Lm, 4400Lm, 5500Lm
Average service life100000h
Degree of use environment-20~+40 C
Shell protection levelIP66
Lamp introduction cableΦ8~1 4mm
Cable inlet threadG3/4
DimensionsΦ170x242 (±5)mm (curved rod type) Φ170x269 (±5)mm (bracket type)