Glare flashlight

  • Product Model:CON6027

Application Area


CON6027 Product Features

Lighting source

The light source uses a special ultra-high-brightness white LED with a visual distance of up to 100 meters; it has lighting, jog strobe and long-distance signal indication, and the continuous lighting time is more than 10 hours, which can be adapted to the needs of long-term shifts.

Rechargeable battery

Lithium batteries have large capacity, long life, no memory, low self-discharge rate, healthy and environmentally friendly; LED light sources consume less energy and have a service life of up to 100,000 hours.

Protection class IP65

The comprehensive characteristics, precise structure and special imported alloy materials can ensure that the product can withstand strong collisions; it is waterproof, resistant to high and low temperatures, and has good humidity performance, and can be used in various harsh environments and climatic conditions.

Intelligent protection lithium battery protection board

It is equipped with battery over-discharge, over-charge and short-circuit protection devices; the intelligent charger is equipped with over-charge, short-circuit protection and charging display system.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage3.7V
Rated capacity2200mAh
Light sourceLED
Average service life100000h
Continuous lighting time, strong light≥8h
Working light≥16h
Charging time4~6h
Battery life1500/cycle
Protection levelIP65
Dimensions (outer diameter X length)φ36x 160mm