• Product Model:8500A

Application Area


8500A Product Features

Safe and reliable

Protection level IP65, fully dense process design, can work normally in storms; specially imported alloy and bulletproof rubber shell, can withstand strong collisions and shocks.

Xenon headlight

The light source uses a special gas lamp, which has high luminous flux, good color rendering, natural light color, energy saving, and can be started instantly and hot-started.

Professional light distribution

A special gas discharge light source is selected, with high luminous efficiency, a luminous flux of 3200Lm, and a lighting time of more than 12 hours; it has a small heat generation, is safer and more reliable, and adapts to the needs of long-term shift work.

Flexible and convenient

The unique lamp holder structure design, the lighting angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, the lamp holder can be fixed to the lamp body or other supports for use, can also be easily removed for handheld use, and can also be installed on a 1.2~2.8-meter-high air pressure tripod for use; scientific air pressure lifting tripod design, the air pressure automatically protects the lamps when lifting.The lamp body is equipped with easy-to-move wheels and handles, which are simple to operate and easy to carry.

Product Parameters

Rated voltage24V
Rated capacity20Ah
Light sourceXenon lamp
Operating voltage24V
Rated power35W
Luminous flux3200Lm
Average service life5000h
Continuous lighting time>12h
Charging time≥16h after 12h battery drain after normal use
Battery lifeAbout 1000/cycle
Dimensions (length X width X height)300x248x715mm
Pneumatic tripod2800mm
Shell protection levelIP65