LED flood light

  • Product Model:ZH-TL7

Application Area


ZH-TL7 Product Features

Light efficiency and energy saving

The long-life and high-brightness LED light source is used, with low power consumption, high brightness, and a life span of up to 100,000 hours, which effectively meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

Modular design

Using a single module as the basic unit body, multiple or single workstations are connected in series or in parallel or in series to form a unit body, so that multiple unit bodies can be combined to synthesize other independent products or main components, the main features are simplified, the operability is greatly improved, the heat dissipation effect is obvious, and the application is more flexible.Can be freely combined to meet customized needs, and the choice is more flexible.

Thermal performance

The heat sink group is cast from several pieces of dispersed heat sheets arranged vertically. An equidistant heat dissipation interval is formed between the dispersed heat sheets, and a through hole adapted to the convex column is arranged along the bonding thermal connection edge. The thermal connection surface of the heat sink group formed by the bonding thermal connection edge is bonded to the heat dissipation substrate, which has high heat conduction efficiency and strong heat dissipation capacity.

Reliable and durable

The alloy casting process is used to dissipate heat better, effectively extend the service life of the light source, electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface, and strong anti-corrosion ability.

Product Parameters

Rated voltageAC220V  
Rated powerLED100W/200W/300W/400W
Anticorrosive gradeWF2
Protection levelIP65
Introduction cableΦ8~12mm