Aviation light

  • Product Model:NXW7200

Application Area

Aviation obstacle lights According to national standards, high-rise buildings with a top height of more than 45 meters above the ground must be equipped with aviation obstacle lights.In order to be different from general-purpose lighting, aviation obstacle lights are not always on but shining. Low-intensity aviation obstacle lights are always on, medium-intensity aviation obstacle lights and high-intensity aviation obstacle lights are flashing, and the flashing frequency is not less than 20 times per minute, not higher than 70 times per minute.The role of aviation obstacle lights is to show the outline of the structure, so that the aircraft operator can judge the height and outline of the obstacle, and play a role.Warning effect.


NXW7200 Product Features

The light source adopts ultra-high-brightness light-emitting diode (LED), and the multi-layer light source board is superimposed into a lamp luminous body lamp; the lamp adopts a monolithic microcomputer control circuit, the circuit uses high-quality electronic components, and the core parts use imported components to ensure the quality and service life of the lamp.The lampshade uses a circular focus Fresnel lens, and the base is die-cast from alloy. The lamp has a variety of color light sources to choose from, including red, green, blue, yellow, and white.It has a standard communication interface, which makes it easy to form various combinations according to different locations on the building to achieve synchronous work.

Because this lamp adopts a combination of energy-saving and long-life LED light source and a monolithic microcomputer, the lamp has the characteristics of energy-saving, high-efficiency, safety, and long life. It is a model of the latest generation of energy-saving navigation aid sign lights.

 Flash method:

A. Intelligent type: Synchronous cable connection is used to realize the synchronous flashing of multiple lamps and lanterns.

B. Ordinary type: intelligent centralized control box is used for synchronous flash control.

C. Economical type (female and child lamp): Controlled by a single main lamp, the secondary lamp flashes synchronously with the main lamp.

Product Parameters

Operating voltage

AC220V, DC12V, DC48V

Rated power consumption


Flash frequency

20 times~60 times (adjustable) with soft start flashing method

Luminous intensity

The range of red 1600cd (T=0.74) is about 6.4KM

Equipped with light source

Ultra-bright long-life light-emitting diode LED

Light source life

8~100,000 hours

Light control sensitivity

50~300LX (adjustable)

Working environment


Protection level




Installation size

Chassis 220mm section round 195mm, 413mm holes are evenly distributed on the top

Net weight of lamp


Scope of application

H≤150 meters (H is the height of the building)